Our Story

We all have a pair of jeans that don’t quite fit, or that dress we never wear because we changed shape; we also understand that going to a tailor can be inconvenient, time consuming and pricy.

So we’ve come up with Alter: your online service to get your clothes fitted and repaired, all in the comfort of your home or office.

Just like Uber or Deliveroo revolutionised their industries, we want to bring fashion alterations into the modern age, where you can have a trusted personal tailor available at the click of a button.

Our Core Values

Quality - All of our tailors are vetted industry professionals with years of experience and a range of disciplines to cater to every need.

Efficiency - We aim to get your clothes back to you in 3-5 days, you can track the entire process of your alteration from the day we collect it.

Personal - We don’t see an alteration as a one-time thing. We want to create relationships between our users and tailors to help you build a great fitting wardrobe.

Sustainability - Repairing and altering clothes will reduce the environmental impact of fast fashion, we are committed to reducing waste and giving old favourites a new lease of life.